Lukáš Dušánek


My name is Lukáš Dušánek and I am a teacher at primary school in Kostelec nad Orlicí.

I have been interested in art since childhood and holding a pencil or a crayon since that time.

I was a student at a Music and Art school for 12 years. My Art classes were led by Mgr. Kamila the Panenková who taught me the basics.

I went to study art at the Faculty of Education. After that I studied at grammar school, Faculty od Education at University of Ostrava.

From the beginning my greatest ambition and my biggest dream has been to open my own gallery.

My inspiration is my every-day life. I admire Renoir, Degas and Monets work.



In my work I focus on painting landscapes, abstracts, still lives, architecture.

Most of the time I prefer painting portraits of my family and friends.

I´m trying to extend my work field into wall paintings and sometimes wedding trees.

My painting techniques are mostly drawing in coal, pencil, crayon, tempera paint, acrylic paint, oil colour and more.

There are no exhibitions yet, but I´m planning one within a year.

If you are interesed in my work, come and see it on your own eyes.




Lukáš Dušánek

Kostelec nad Orlicí

Mobile: +420 737 562 547