Lucie Vojnarova

About me

I'm a 19-year-old student going to Secondary School of Electronics and Information Technologies. I've been living in a small village called Chlístov, north-east of Bohemia. My friends say about me that I'm a cheerful person and a great lover of nature. I've got lots of hobbies like reading, riding a bike, going for a walk, travelling and doing yoga or drawing. I started drawing at the age of 11, and so far have attended some drawing courses, like right hemisphere drawing. I keep drawing with a friend named Elis almost every week. I'm not that type of a person who plans the future, but in the future I hope to attend Technical University in Liberec or go to the Faculty of Architecture and Art. Another option is to study Philosophy in Hradec Králové and let drawing be my hobby.

My work

  • A lot of fields of art – portraits, landscapes, space and universe, details of girls’ faces
  • Using watercolours, pencil, crayons, watercolour crayons, tempera colours, water, using also different types of paper
  • Love watching colours to feather
  • Inspiration – Annie Tarras (an Australian artist)


Lucie Vojnarova


Mobile: +420 739 676 649