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About Me

My name is Žaneta Pumrová and I am 37 years old. I live in a small town called Dobruška which is located in the north east of the Czech Republic. I work full-time at a pharmacy in the city centre. In my free time, I like to do scrapbooking and create decorations. Apart from that, I work out several times a week, to keep my body fit. I'm also enthusiastic about baking and cooking. I cook every day for me and my lovely daughter Veronika who I gave birth to in 2010. Ever since then, we are a mother-daughter-power-house. She oftentimes comes up with great ideas for my scrapbooking projects. Especially when they involve characters from her favourite movies such as the famous Disney movie Frozen.

My Work

I learned the basics for the art of scrapbooking in a dedicated course at the parent centre in Dobruška. The original idea was to create an unique photo album for my daughter. While looking and shopping for suitable materials and accessories for the course, I discovered a seemingly endless range of patterns, tapes, colours, arrangements and forms. Consequently, scrapbooking became a much-loved hobby of mine. At the moment, I’m selling my products to big shops that offer house décor and on craft markets throughout the region several times a year.


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Žaneta Pumrová

Javorová 834, 518 01 Dobruška

Mobile phone: +42 605 782 419

E-mail: ateliersnu@gmail.com

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