I'm Ivana Safrankova,

I'm mother of two children and I work in a school canteen at the Kindergarten in Nový Hrádek. Since my childhood I have been interested in gardening, taking care of plants, creating decorations using flowers, plants or other materials.

I studyed gardening at the Czech university of Prague. In seasonal year periods I desing gardens and local green areas in Nový Hrádek. In winter season instead, I create decorations, paint and make own plants for gardens.

Additionally, I help with designing and making costumes and decorations for a dance course for children at primary school in Nový Hrádek.


Mainly I focus on taking care of green areas and seasonal decorations.

I also help to bring some more joy into people's homes. That's my greatest passion. I use all kinds of materials. Natural materials, waste as rolls of toilet paper, different types of textile and wood.